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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Socks and sock sacks

I am a total sucker for jumping on the band wagon!  Recently on Instagram lots of folks started making Romona Rose's sock sack.  I suspect some were making it just so they could say they were making "a two ball sack".  I, of course, was not one of those ;)

I have to admit I wasn't that keen on them in the beginning, maybe a bit too cutesy for me?  Plus I have some great zippy pouches that I already love.  Then I had a couple of times where I would notice that my yarn was frayed and almost split in sections.  It was happening with different yarn too - that can't be a coincidence.  The only thing I could think of was that it was rubbing on the teeth of the zip as it fed out of the ball in the pouch.  Not fun having to break and rejoin my yarn!  Eek!  Suddenly my zippered pouches were not my friend…

So I jumped on said band wagon and made a few sacks up and started some more socks.

They are actually very useful - perfect for two at a time socks.  There is a divider to keep each ball of yarn, little holders for your yarn to feed up through (without any grizzly teeth!) and a drawstring so you can pop your knitting in and easily take it with you.  The pattern is $4 over on Craftsy.

The socks are called simple Skyp socks.  "Skyp" is an acronym of the stitch combination.  They are easy and fun and really suit variegated yarn.  The pattern is for cuff-down but lots of people have just done them toe up instead like I did.  The pattern ends up being upside down but it really doesn't matter.  

The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Sock - heavenly stuff!  This colour is called Gem and it really was an assortment of beautiful rich jewel tones.  All of the Hedgehog colours are gorgeous, I haven't seen one I don't like.  It's not always available but it's not too difficult to get either.  Signing up to the newsletter is the best way and popping into the shop ready to buy when you receive an email.  

I have realised that most of my socks are actually too big for me.  I've been so focussed on trying to get the length of the foot right (which I'm still working on) that it hadn't really occurred to me that they are probably too loose in the circumference of my foot also.  I really like this pattern so I might try them again some time with one less stitch repeat - 48 stitches instead of 56.

Ravelled here.


  1. Hello Michelle, you are a stitcher, quilter and now knitter, one very clever needle woman and am happy to say I have seen so much of all your beautiful work. Have just been having a read of the more recent posts, keep writing them and more often please ! X lizzie

  2. Your new socks are beautiful -- I've been looking for a new sock pattern -- this one looks like a quick one to try. And your little sock bags are really cute -- I need a new sock bag too! Thanks for sharing your goodies!