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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Museum Medallion { part 1 }

One of my favourite things about a stitching group is the inspiration it brings.  I absolutely love pouring over gorgeous pics online and spend many hours doing just that, but being able to see the actual fabrics and feel them and talk about them is simply wonderful!

Museum Medallion by Judy Newman is a quilt we have fallen in love with down here on the Mornington Peninsula!  My journey with this quilt began at my stitching group at Treehouse Textiles when Emma showed us the quilt and let us know Judy would be teaching it there.  One workshop was already booked out and the next one was going to be available to book the next morning.  Boy was I hot on the Treehouse website the next day to secure my place!

I spent endless hours daydreaming about fabric choices and eventually decided on using my small collection of Liberty fat eighths and charm squares for the scrappy bits and that I would chose border fabrics as the project progressed.  And if it meant I'd have to buy more Liberty then so be it :)

The quilt is hand pieced.  By that I don't mean EPP, I mean a good old fashioned small running stitch along a marked line to join two pieces together.  It is by far one of my favourite sewing methods - especially if I'm also watching good period drama!

The class was a full Saturday workshop at Treehouse.  I do love Treehouse.  Emma and Sarah are the most wonderful hosts and the morning tea, coffee and catered lunch is just delicious and indulgent.  I was also lucky enough to have two friends, Kate and Kirsty in the workshop with me so we had lots of fun.  Judy is a wonderful teacher and has lots of info and great tips for all levels of stitcher.  She blogs at A Very Fine House and works at Amitie.

You will see in the first pic that the sections are all still in pieces.  I'm still undecided about the cream spot background fabric so I'm going to wait until I have more of the scrappy Liberty sections done before deciding. The quilt has narrow borders that look really great in stripes and two wider borders that are great for a larger scale print.  I'd like to have the bits in between done so then I can lay fabrics out and have a play.

The Liberty is so beautiful I can't help but show you some more pics…

I'm thinking of using the top print in this following pic for one of the wide borders…

I am absolutely in love with this project!

If you'd like to see some others you can see Cathy's progress here and Deb's here.  Both are just gorgeous!!


  1. Really beautiful, Michelle!!!
    Looove those Liberties!

  2. Just love your block. I love Liberty too and have been collecting little pieces since the 80's. The colours are so fresh and crisp and they never fight with each other.

  3. That's gorgeous! I've done a class to with Judy, she is a treasure! Haven't been to Treehouse yet, looking forward to it one day.

  4. It's simply beautiful Michelle. How lovely to be using Liberties, so many gorgeous ones to choose from. I like your idea for one of the wide borders. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. And thanks for your mention of my post.

  5. Oh those Liberty prints are so dreamy! Love the centre of your quilt.

  6. Oh. My. Gosh! I LOVE that block! You're so lucky you have a class nearby to help with the inspiration and to share with others. I also love that you've used those gorgeous liberty prints with it. Can't wait to see this one progress!

  7. I am a new follower - from Plum and June's blog hop - I love the look of your blog header. And the Liberty fabrics - must be a joy to hand stitch, and they are gorgeous!

  8. This is looking gorgeous Michelle! Cathy (cabbage quilts) recommended I take a look at your blog - so glad I did! Looking forward to seeing more of this quilt. Cheers, Meredithe

  9. I can see why you'd love it - there's so much detail in it. I love it too.